How To Download Fmwhatsapp - Newest Mobile App

You may have heard about apps like Facebook, Twitter and Flicker but you might not be aware of how to download FMswatsapp. We will discuss in this article how to download FMswatsapp for your Facebook. FMWhatsApp is the modified version of the official Facebook messaging app. FMWhatsApp has thousands of downloads and is one of those apps which has multiple millions of users.

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how to download fmwhatsapp


The third day of August is the release date of FMWhatsapp v 4.4. The major new features in this new update are - New privacy controls, sending and receiving texts only from selected contacts, improved drawing tools, profile loading speed increase, improved photo album viewer, fixed bugs etc. These all are available in the free version of FMWhatsapp. One can also get in touch with the support team of FMWhatsapp by contacting them through the Facebook apps store support.


It is very interesting to see a newly released app which has the same features as the existing one, but at a lower price. FMWhatsApp has all the special features of any good messenger app at a low price. In comparison to other messaging apps, the privacy settings of FMWhatsapp seem to be very good. Now if only Facebook would allow a messenger app with these types of advanced features at a lower price!

How to Download FmWhatsapp - Newest Mobile App


FMWhatsApp has got a unique feature of allowing android devices access to the latest version of Facebook without being connected to the internet. One will have to have an account with Facebook to be able to download this latest version. If you do not have an account with Facebook, you will have to sign up for one. Once you have registered, you can download the apk file of FMWhatsapp.

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The new update of this popular app has added a lot of exciting new features and also removed many bad bugs that were present in the previous version. One of the most popular features of this app is the new privacy features. With this new update, every contact and user who has been added to your friend's list will now be visible to you. Moreover, this gives you complete control over the contacts. You can remove them or change them as per your wish.

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FMWhatsApp has been downloaded by many users because it offers a lot of exciting and useful facilities. With this latest version, users are given the option of sending and receiving SMS from their android phones. This makes this app even more popular among all the other messaging apps available in the google play store. Moreover, it also lets users read and reply to any SMS that they receive from their friends. There are several other added features as well, which make this app even more attractive and useful to all users.

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Many of the old versions of this popular app required users to download the entire mobile version of the program and then install it on their phones. However, with the new features and the new mod pack that FMWhatsApp has, users don't have to bother about installing the entire mod pack on their phone. In fact, once they have it installed, they can easily use it without any problem whatsoever.


The other special features of this popular mod pack include the option of downloading videos to your phone and the possibility of free calling minutes. You can purchase these minutes using your credit card and then call anyone around the world for absolutely free of cost. Moreover, you can also get the same facility if you purchase a certain amount of premium minutes from your network service provider as well.

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