Common Grammar Mistakes

common grammar mistakes

One of pet's dislikes is encountering any kind of grammar mistake on a post it note or on a letter to the mail. Many people receive tons of unsolicited emails and letters from unknown authors each day. Unfortunately, many of these contain very common and careless grammar errors, spelling mistakes, and typos. People don't realize they are committing these errors until it is too late. And it is way too late for most people to fix these problems when they have them!


You need to catch these types of mistakes before they slip into your writing and taint your readers' understanding of what you are trying to say. You also need to catch these errors so that you can correct them before your reader's eyes glaze over. That is why it is so important to know the most Common Grammar Mistakes and how to correct them. This will make your readers understand what you are writing about much better.


Grammar check is an essential part of writing. It can make the difference between a good article and an outstanding one. This is because most common grammar mistakes can be solved with correct sentence structure, word choice, proper punctuation, and correct usage of pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, and other modifiers. Let's take a look at some of the most common grammar mistakes and how to correct them.

Common Grammar Mistakes


One of the most common grammar mistakes is a lack of a singular pronoun. This happens most often in the first-person singular subject "I" (I am), but can also occur in the second person "you" (you are). The sentence "You are the only one I have, besides my wife and daughter." is grammatically correct, but the lack of a pronoun in the second person makes it difficult to understand the meaning. In this case, the correct format would be "You are the only one I have, besides my wife and daughter."

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Another common grammar mistakes is a contraction mistake. A few examples include the following: I live in New York, "I live in New York City," "I live in New York City." The problem with these types of sentences is that they require a verb to imply that the action of living took place in New York City, which is not the case. This example could be changed to say, "I live in New York City." Another common mistake is a comparative clause mistake. For example, this sentence would read as follows: "The man who has two black eyes is rich."

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One more common grammar mistakes is a misspelling mistake. An excellent example of this is the sentence "The man who gave me three ex-girlfriends as a gift is crazy." The word girlfriend is missing from the second word, making it impossible to derive the meaning of crazy from the first word. A similar problem can be found in the sentence "The girl I had sex with yesterday was not my girlfriend." Again, the word girlfriend is omitted, causing the reader to have to guess if the woman is an ex-girlfriend or not.

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Some more correct use of pronouns and proper grammar check are adjectives and verbs. For example, "A man's eyes are blue." This is correct; however, the word 'man' should be omitted since this isn't a subject in the first place. A similar problem can be found with the use of the word 'they' when it is a possessive pronoun.


One last common grammar mistake is a passive-voice statement. A passive sentence is a sentence where the performer of the action is mentioned, while the subject of the action is not. An example of a passive-voice sentence is "John's parents bought him a new home when he was eight years old." As you can see, this kind of sentence makes it sound like John doesn't get anything out of the transaction. To avoid this, always use an active voice in your writing.

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