How Do I Login To My Centurylink Router?

how do i login to my centurylink router

If you have a Centurylink router then you may have recently come across instructions for resetting the password on your computer. Many people wonder How Do I Login To My Centurylink Router. This article looks at some of the popular methods that are used by computer technicians in resetting password passwords on computers. Some of the methods are not recommended.


Most routers use the IP logon feature. To access the router you simply need to type in the IP address of the computer that is attempting to logon. When you see an icon close to the clock on the far right (usually blue), that means it is safe to proceed. If there is no icon or the clock has a red dot instead, you are better off trying another method of resetting the password.


You can also reset the password of your modem by using the User Account Control Panel (UAC). UAC is found as a sub-menu of the main desktop screen. Clicking "Start" or "Run" will open the UAC prompt, which you can use to change to whichever user account you are in control of by clicking the appropriate arrow on the top right corner. Once you are in the correct user account type in your modem's IP address and hit enter.

How Do I Login to My Centurylink Router?


To reset the password of your modem you can also use the Administration tab on the main menu of your router. This requires that you first log on to the administration page of your router. From there you will be able to access the UAC section of your router. This is usually located under the "web-based firewall" section. You will need to scroll down past the "inet connections" section to find the option for" Reloading User Account Services."


There is a new feature in Windows Vista and Windows 7 that enables you to reset the password of your modem in this case. To get this to work you will need to follow these steps: On the Start Menu, click Run. Once you have chosen the option to Run, type regedit in the field and hit Enter. A regedit window will pop up and you will need to look for the Administrative Tools folder which is located under the typical Start Menu at the bottom of the screen.


Inside the administrative tools folder, double click on "ntp.c" (for router) and click the "open" button. Now you can input the details of your Centurylink router into the text box and hit Enter. A new window will appear and you will need to enter the new username and password for your router.


How to reset the password of your modem is very easy but if you are not experienced at computer you should not attempt it unless you are 100% sure about what you are doing. As soon as you are done entering your new username and password, you should see a message that your changes have been successfully saved. You can test this by trying to log on to your modem and when you see a success message click on the Save tab and confirm the change.


If you find that you are unable to logon to your router, you can perform the above steps again until you are able to get on the internet. After you have reset the password of your modem, you should now be able to access the web browser. However, if this problem persists after you have performed the above steps a few times you may want to turn off your modem. If you do that you should not have any problems getting on the internet.

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