How Safe Is Gbwhatsapp?

how safe is gbwhatsapp

The question of how safe is GMWhatsapp has been in the thoughts of my tech-savvy colleague lately and I thought I would put him on the spot to find out. In case you don't know, GWhatsapp is a Facebook application which was launched last year by Giru Menon, a Canadian internet entrepreneur. Mr. Menon's goal with the development of this application was to provide a safe and convenient avenue for Facebook users to communicate with their friends while they are away from home (in any part of the world, actually- although the application is equally effective in any part of the globe, it does seem to be most popular in Canada). While I believe that Mr. Menon may have some good intentions with the creation of GWhatsapp, I also believe there are ways in which the application could make things a bit more difficult for users, including but not limited to:


How safe is GWhatsapp on iphone and android devices? The short answer: Not very! GWhatsapp works great with almost any operating system, but it is currently impossible to use GWhatsapp on an "unsupported" android device, such as the iPhone. This is due to Apple banning applications from being able to connect to "non-apple- iOS devices", which includes most of the android devices manufactured by Samsung and HTC.


So, how safe is GWhatsapp on iphone and android devices? That depends upon how anyone else finds out about your account. If you tell someone else, such as your family or your friends, that you have a Facebook account with a cell phone number, then you can be pretty sure that you will not be the first to get wind of this new development. Since most people do not share their personal cell phone numbers with just anyone, there is a good chance that you won't be the only one who finds out about your latest escapades. Of course, if they were given your mobile phone number when you initially set up the account, then you are pretty safe.

How Safe Is GBWhatsapp?


One way to ensure that your conversations are protected is to turn off your auto-play feature in gbwhatsapp, and instead enable the "vibrant white" feature, which displays text and voice messages in their original quality. This setting is on by default, so you'll need to make it enabled. However, if you use this feature often (and are careful about who you give this to), then this might not be a big issue. On the other hand, if you want to ensure your privacy, then this setting should be changed.


Unfortunately, some users have found that they can't turn off the vibrantly white feature, and the app works fine with this enabled. In order to test whether or not this was a problem, I performed a similar test with a different Google Play app (called epicure). I downloaded the latter, installed it, and used the free trial version to perform a voice search. A few minutes later, the screen appeared as white as the screen of the phone's monitor, even when I activated the vibrantly feature. Thus, it seems to me that this particular app isn't as safe as it first seems.


There are other apps that share some of the same characteristics of this particular one. For example, many people find that they are unable to turn off the airplane mode, which prevents them from taking pictures or recording videos. I think that this one of many people would probably cause more of a problem than it solves. Another example is that it allows anyone to see your phone contacts and even lists them for you, without your knowledge. Thus, it is vulnerable to someone stealing your contacts.


How secure is GBusinessSense? This app is not actually as safe as it claims to be. It was created by the hackers behind the popular Spyroid and Adaway programs, so it is likely that the original version is not as secure as the new, fake version that is floating around the internet.


So How Safe Is Gbwhatsapp? It is probably safer than you think. However, you should always perform a Google search on your mobile phone number to make sure that there are no websites that have been created with this application's code. If you find that none of the results is negative, or if the site does not even exist, it is probably safe to download the paid version of this amazing app.

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