How To Bold In Whatsapp

How To Bold In Whatsapp is very simple? What you can do is simply add a * character before and after a particular text or passage of text. For instance, to bold the word like diamonds, you normally type * diamonds. This makes the text bold as diamonds are very common words. Another thing that you can do is type two hyphens between words to make it bold. If for example you have the sentence "The man made a lot of mistakes while building the business".

how to bold in whatsapp


In the above example we used *man made a lot of mistakes while building the business. You need to replace the "man made" with "a lot of mistakes" and you can use italics under the * for emphasis as well. So in this sentence underline text will look like this: The man made a lot of | mistakes | text | would | like} In this example the italics make the sentence very loud and bold. Once you get the hang of it your eye will automatically follow the placement of the underline instead of the actual placement of the text. It would be advisable to try this a few times and understand the placement of underline and the effect it has on the text. Once you know this trick underline text will become very effective in how to get text bold in whatsapp.


How to get text bold in Whatsapp is also possible by using different formatting options. You can always use regular formatting for italic or underlined text. If you want to get the same effect but also bolder then you can add some special formatting to your message. Some example of formatting options are shown below.

How To Bold In Whatsapp


Using italic or underline formatting While using regular formatting, you can add some bold face text in your messaging app. This way your audience will be able to understand your message clearly. This formatting option works best when you are using more than one line of text in your messaging app. If you are adding a picture in your message or you are using a video, then using regular formatting will ruin the effect.


I'm sure you must have seen the new feature called Android Inverted Touch Function. This new feature gives your Android device a 3D effect when you tap certain areas of your screen. To use this new feature just tap the screen with two fingers. Android now shows you a list of words that can be recognized. If you tap any of the words, the text turns into a solid color so you know exactly what you are typing.


Another great way to get bold in whatsapp is to use plus sign instead of tabs. What you need to do is open the iMuffs app and tap the plus sign on the top right corner. Next tap the send button and you will see that now your input will be inserted as text into your message. When you tap the send button again it will automatically result in inserting your message as a tab. This works great if you want to add some italics.


How to Bold In Apple IOS devices Android has similar features to those in Android such as the overflow button and the addition of italics. If you tap on the plus sign while your typing your message, it will automatically turn into a tab. You can toggle back and forth between two different colors by tapping the overflow button. This overflow menu is located at the top right corner of the screen. If you need to go back to regular formatting you can always tap the red overflow button. IOS devices now offer a neat feature called Android Instant Messaging, which is basically like iMuffs in terms of functionality but with even faster speed and zero errors.

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