How To Delete Whatsapp Status From Your Android Devices

how to delete whatsapp status

If you want to know how to delete whatsapp messages, then you have come to the right place. Read on this article for more information. The first step is to open whatsapp and ensure that you have not already provided a personal message in the sent message area. If yes, then go ahead and click the three dots in the top right corner of the message area.


Step 3: To show you How To Delete Whatsapp Status, you need to first click on your chosen message and in the messages area, go to settings and look for the person's contact info. This will show you their id, name along with their location. Depending on if you are chatting with an individual or with a group, you can either change the setting as per your requirements or choose to show/hide the contact info till such time that you feel comfortable enough to reveal it. Remember, you can always search for the person's name using any search engine and use any popular/popularized site to search for his/her location. You can also go ahead and set your status as recent or old.


Step 4: On the next step, you need to type the message that you would like to show as reply. Use quotation marks instead of single quote marks if you want to hide all the details about yourself. The last step would be to click send. The status message should be sent instantly. If you did everything right, then the whatsapp client will display the deleted text in three vertical dots.

How to Delete Whatsapp Status From Your Android Devices


How to delete whatsapp messages that are sent on the public? The third step is to go to your contact's profile tab and look for the public option. It is under your public key in the keychain. Once you have selected it, you can see the full name, photo, age, location and contacts of the sender i.e. you can easily delete the whatsapp message that you received from someone anonymous.

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How to delete whatsapp messages that are sent on private? For this step, you have to create a new profile (not an individual one). Under your profile, click on add new and choose the location where you want to send the private message. Now, you can either click on the plus sign icon or on the plus sign next to the clock on your top right corner of the screen.

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How to delete whatsapp messages that are sent on your phone by SMS? The fourth step is to go to your mobile phone's contacts or favorites. Then type in the complete text that you want to show as reply, followed by the @ symbols.

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The fifth step is to search on Google for the same message and you will find that there are a lot of search results on the result page. The sixth step is to tap into the search box and type your whatsapp status into the search bar. The seventh step is to put the verification code that you get from Google into this box. Finally, you can click send once you get through the verification code. The eighth step is to wait for the device to confirm that your message was successfully sent.


How to delete whatsapp messages that you got from your friend using the third-party application: When you receive an unknown call, tap the unknown call button. Then go to your contacts or favorites and tap on send a message. Once you complete the sending process, the third-party application will appear and you can use the delete an MMS option.


How to delete whatsapp messages from your Android devices using a computer: This step has to be performed one or two times. First of all, download and install the said third-party application. Next, go to your settings and then look for communication settings.


The second step is to go to phone settings and look for new feature status. Here, you will see the notification shade. It is possible for you to tap on the add new option. Finally, select the option that says Manage Shared SMS. If you have an account on any other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace, you should also add them to your account so that they can use this new feature status.


How to delete whatsapp messages from your Android devices via a computer: For this step, you will need an internet browser and a program capable of sending text messages to mobile devices. Once you have these two tools, you are good to go. Type the text message into the chat box and wait for the program to send it. On successful completion, the message will be deleted from your account.

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