How To Disable Superfetch Xp Registry Cleaner

Knowing how to disable Microsoft's System Normandy (SO) registry cleaner is an important thing for computer users to know. This cleaner is often equated with the best and most powerful registry cleaner available for Windows XP Home Edition. But in actuality, there are many more excellent registry cleaners which can be used with this operating system. To properly determine which of these is the best for your computer, you need to look at the various advantages they each have over the "old man" version.

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As we all know, XP is not supported by Microsoft anymore. Microsoft will no longer provide support for this system after Windows Vista is introduced a few years from now. This means that many computer users will have to get a new operating system in order to run their computers.

In order to allow your computer to run as smoothly as possible under Windows XP, you will need to download and install a registry cleaner. This will repair any errors and corruptions you computer may have. It also removes the duplicate files that are in your system. This is important for two reasons. If you have numerous duplicate files in your system, your computer will take longer to process information from them and perform operations correctly.

How To Disable SuperFetch XP Registry Cleaner

It is common for your computer to become slow over time. There are many reasons why this occurs such as a bloated system, missing programs, and corrupted drivers. However, it can also be caused by the way that Microsoft has designed and implemented SO. It will leave behind traces of unused data in the form of references.

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Many computer users think that the use of SO is an attempt to trick the computer into performing a task faster. That is why many of them would uninstall this system component after having used it. However, the problem is that the registry keys that are left behind after uninstallation are actually damaged. They will cause your system to slow down or even crash. It will be much better if you could just get rid of these references, and not the registry.

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If you want to know how to disable superfetch, you have to use a registry cleaner to fix the problems in the registry. A registry cleaner will scan through your system and determine the ones that are causing problems. After fixing them, you can then uninstall the unwanted entries manually. This process is quite easy. All you have to do is select "Run" and type "regedit" in the box.

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You can now start the regedit program and edit the values that tell it how to perform tasks. The first thing you should do when learning how to disable superfetch is to make sure all the paths to the program files are correct. Also, look for any other corrupt data or references. You should then take out the damaged entries and put them back as the registry keys that they used to be.

You will need to close all the programs that are running when you are editing the registry. When this is done, restart your computer and then run the regedit program again. That is how to disable superfetch windows xp. Now, you will not receive pop-ups any more when you go to search for something on the internet.

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