How To Get A Spawner In Minecraft Survival

how to get a spawner in minecraft survival

So you have just started playing the game of Minecraft. You will notice that you can now build and make things that are very important for your survival. However, sometimes you don't know how to get these resources. The good thing is that it is very easy to obtain them. Here are the techniques on how to get a spawner in Minecraft.


Fishing - The fishing pole and the fishing lure are the two major items you need when fishing in the game. The pole will allow you to penetrate the water and search for food sources like coral, fish and small animals. The lure can be used to attract the fish.


Build an Ocean Park or a Fish Farm. Both of these structures will help you get more fish. Once you have built one or both of these structures, you will be able to harvest the fish and kill them with a torch. When the torches are finished burning you can then use them to kill the fish. This will gain you experience points too.

How To Get A Spawner In Minecraft Survival


Find the caves. To find the caves you will need to use the terrain feature on the map that shows which area is rich in water and which area has good vegetation. When you see a patch of ground that is wet and swampy, you should consider building a cabin there so that you can attract swarms of fish from the water.


Build a Boat or a Plane. If you can you should try and make a boat or plane so that you can travel around in the world. You need a boat in order to sail to islands and gather resources. Sailing overseas is dangerous because you may easily get stranded. However, if you are experienced you can try and gather enough fuel for an ocean trip.


Get a Hunting shotgun. It is important for you to have a hunting shotgun since this is the weapon that will help you kill bigger game. Try and equip it with a scope so that you can get a clear shot at your quarry. When you want to shoot at a bigger game you should use your aiming skills as well as the power of your bullets.


Get an armor with high armor. You should protect yourself with armor that has high defense against arrows. Also, you need to buy a helmet that has plenty of air. This will allow you to breathe properly when you are swimming through the water.


Knowing How To Get A Spawner In Minecraft Survival is easy to do. You just need to learn how to use the environment to your advantage. The whole aim of the game is to survive in the wilderness. With the help of some helpful tools you can make your way in this world. Once you have everything setup, you can start enjoying the game and playing with other people around the world.


To get started with the basics of the game you will need to have the right kind of clothing on. For example, don't wear any leather or metal clothes in this game as they will not give you the protection that you need. Also, you should stay away from cloth blocks like sheets and rags. If you want to have more space in your inventory then you should use wooden furniture instead. Wooden furniture will give you a lot of room in your backpack.


Other things that you will need for your survival are food and water. Get some seeds for plants and some food items like fruits or vegetables. If you want to have higher health then you should try to eat food that contains high amounts of protein. Fish and chicken are also great foods that you should eat. However, you should avoid eating too much steak or pork as it will lower your health a bit.


You should also be careful about using your bow or any other weapon, as there are many zombies out there that will try to shoot you. For this reason, you will need to wear some protective gear. As for other equipment, you will just need to make sure that you have enough weapons so that you can fight against the zombies effectively.


As you can see, there are many different aspects of this game that you will need to know about if you want to survive the game. Even though it is a bit hard to do at first, once you get used to it you will surely enjoy it. There are many other things that you can do to improve your mining skills.

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