How To Get An Llc - The Basics

LLCs are popular business entity forms used by many small business owners. In this article we will discuss everything you should know about LLCs, such as how to create an LLC. An LLC, also known as an Limited Liability Company, is a business entity that may be established to operate a particular business. LLCs have some advantages over corporations, such as:

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Limited Liability Company (LLC) operations differ from corporate operations in many ways, and it's important to understand these differences before taking the step of forming your own business entity. One of these differences is the fact that an LLC is not considered a "personal" entity. An LLC is separate entity from its owner and usually has limited liability. Although an LLC may share ownership of corporate resources with its owners, it cannot act like a corporation.


For example, what does a corporation do with its shareholders? They must attend annual meetings, and they can vote for certain things. But unlike a sole proprietorship, an LLC cannot maintain any sort of property or assets, such as office buildings, stock, and so on. So, for most people it makes sense to start-up an LLC, rather than a corporation.

How To Get An LLC - The Basics


Another thing that makes an LLC different from a corporation is the way it issues shares of stock. When forming an LLC, most business owners choose to name their LLC a "pass-through" account. Because an LLC does not maintain ownership of corporate assets, there is no need for them to issue shares of stock. They still need to file all of their personal assets tax returns, but since they are not "actively" managing the business, they avoid double taxation.

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A handful of states also allow business owners to form an LLC as an unincorporated legal entity. In these states, the filing fees for incorporating an LLC are lower than the fees for incorporating a corporation. This is important, because an LLC does not need the same paperwork as other types of corporations. The only thing that business owners have to do in many states when they are Forming an LLC is provide a list of members, and pay the appropriate fees.

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The biggest reason that incorporating an LLC makes sense is because most people know little or nothing about how to incorporate. When people start a business, they often overlook this option. They don't realize that they don't have to hire an attorney, or file paperwork with the IRS, etc. By simply using a simple form they can get started on their own, and avoid the high paperwork costs. In some cases, they can even save money.

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Forming an LLC does have some advantages though. One of the biggest is that a business owner will be able to take advantage of "pass-through" income. This means that he or she will receive the profits from the business, but they will not have to pay corporate taxes on them. This could be extremely beneficial if the business owner knows how to invest his personal assets correctly. Another advantage to an LLC is that the business owner will be able to shield his or her personal assets from creditors.


Many people don't realize how important liability protection is in setting up an LLC, and for good reason. Many business owners find themselves financially vulnerable when they have to pay taxes on their personal property. By forming an LLC, they are able to limit their liability to that of their LLC, thus saving them money each year. Additionally, many laws have been passed to protect small business owners from abusive litigation, such as lawsuits related to the operation of their companies.

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