Installing Gbwhatsapp - A Simple Guide On How To Install

how to install gbwhatsapp

Installing gbwhatsapp on your HTC Evo is relatively easy. It is one of those apps that most individuals either overlook it as a needless waste of time, or perhaps they assume it will not function due to compatibility issues with their HTC Evo handset. Nothing could be further from the truth! This app is perfect for anyone who has an HTC Evo and needs a way to make text and multimedia messages to send to their friends.


This app was inspired by a need to keep communication between family and friends while on the move. Unlike regular smartphones that run on stock Android OS, the HTC Evos runs on the HTC Wildfire OS. This basically means that instead of connecting to various unknown sources through different applications, you use your HTC Wildfire as a portal to connect to various social networking websites and internet services. Thus, it would be useful to know How To Install Gbwhatsapp on your HTC Evo so you can send text and multimedia messages from your smartphone to anyone around the world.


However, before we get started, you should make sure that your phone or smartphone is rooted and protected from malicious applications. If your phone is not protected, you are setting yourself up for a lot of problems. The first step in this regard would be downloading Xposed installer from the Android Market. Once you have downloaded Xposed, you should transfer all the required files to your device. You can follow the instructions included in the download to set up the application on your HTC Wildfire.

Installing GBWhatsApp - A Simple Guide on How to Install


After successfully installing Xposed on your handset, you should then install the corresponding gbbwhatsapp version for the Android Market URL which you have provided. This application is basically useful in monitoring your Facebook and MySpace account statuses. However, it also provides some additional features like sending SMS and emails to people around the globe. In this regard, it will be useful to access these features from any other Android device apart from the Wildfire.

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Once you have successfully installed gbbwhatsapp onto your HTC Wildfire, you can use it by logging into your Google account. You can do this by clicking on the "Apps" icon present on the home page. You can also access the app through the "Google" search widget present on your desktop. Now, you should create two accounts in the said social networking sites - one for your personal account and another for business use.

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Once you have successfully done so, you can download gbwhatsapp to your HTC Wildfire by going to the "Marketplace" section of the mobile operating system. If you are unaware of how to install gbwhatsapp, you can search for this app by typing its name in the appropriate category. Once you have found the desired app in the desired category, you should tap on the "Download Gbwhatsapp" button. Upon finding the app, you will receive a verification code which you will need to follow to complete the download process.

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When the download completes, you should transfer the downloaded file to the phone's memory. However, before you proceed to the actual installation process, you should turn off the phone to prevent accidental modification of the system settings by the software. After you have successfully completed the installation process, you should restart the Wildfire to enable it to recognize the newly added application. As a reminder, you should always install gbwhatsapp to your phone using the HTC Wildfire application CD as opposed to copying the said media files to your computer to install the app.


Once you have successfully installed the software, you should allow it to run to complete the initial steps of the installation. Next, you should allow the software to create a restore point in order to roll back previous changes made by the user if you want to revert to the prior default settings. Once you have completed all these steps, you should connect the microphone and click the microphone icon which is located in the main interface of the phone. In the next step, you should touch the microphone icon again in order to transmit the audio input signal to the PC. Finally, you should click on the "Open" button to initiate the capture of the incoming audio data.

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