How To Lock Whatsapp Using Fingerprint Scanning

how to lock whatsapp

How to unlock whatsapp through Facebook has been an ongoing issue for several months now. Most people like to use their social networking site in order to stay in touch with friends, family and business colleagues but this is no longer the case with several recent updates to the messaging system. Due to these recent changes, it has become quite difficult for anyone to access what they want to on the service. Fortunately, there is an easy way of doing so.


To unlock Whatsapp through Facebook: On your Facebook home page, go to Account Settings and then click on Applications. Look for the Messenger application and press on the Download Manager button. Once you have chosen a suitable program, look for it at the bottom of the screen. The bottom of the screen will inform you that you have to sign in to authorize the installation of certain apps.


Once you have completed the installation process, you will see a message on the screen that asks you to enter a password. This step is basically to verify that you are the owner of the fingerprint, which is used to access the application. If you are trying to download an unauthorized app from the mobile website, this step cannot be done. If you are trying to unlock the application through Facebook, the same procedure needs to be followed.

How to Lock Whatsapp Using Fingerprint Scanning


For those who are trying to use ios devices to access the internet on their smartphones, it is important to know How To Lock Whatsapp. This is because many hackers and pranksters have been able to make modifications to the messenger programs such that they can gain access to your account. These hackers use special software programs which are able to bypass the security of most of the popular messenger programs. The only way to prevent this from happening is to ensure that you create a strong password on your smartphone or device. It is important to be aware that once you modify the messenger program, it becomes completely ineffective.

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Many people have questions about how to lock whatsapp. Some of the common questions include whether you need to change the password on your ios device regularly, how to gain root access on your media device and how to lock ios devices. The answer to all these questions is that you do not have to change the password regularly as you do with your smartphone. What you have to do instead is to create a strong pattern lock on your media account.

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A pattern lock is a unique pattern which is set on your media account which cannot be copied and changed. It also cannot be copied and changed by other users on your media account. When you download any new ios or android app you will receive a verification code. You use this verification code to verify that you are the owner of the android or ios app you are trying to download.

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Every time you try to download an on or android app, it will check your computer for any modifications. If it detects any changes, it will warn you that certain files or folders are missing or corrupt. It will then prompt you to delete the missing files or folder. It is not advisable to delete your files or folders because it may cause further problems or apps. In this situation you will lose your ios or android settings which were designed to work with your particular phone or device.


How to unlock iPhones via jailbreak is one of the biggest topics around the globe right now. There are many people who have been claiming ways of doing it but in this article we have found out how to unlock iPhones through passwords. It is important that you do not forget that every app you download can track your personal information, so make sure you go into the "Apps" section of your device and disable any of those unnecessary apps.

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