How To Make A Auto Clickerer Trainer Work For Your Dog

How to make an auto Clickerer is one of the most fun and educational things you can do with your dog. It can be done with very little initial expense, but will provide you with hours of pleasurable recreation time that will have your dog barking for hours to come. The following are tips on how to make an auto clicker.

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how to make a auto clicker


You will need a variety of items. First, you will need an empty syringe (also available online) or other similar item that can be closed on the end. Fill the syringe with a small amount of a harmless spray such as lemon drops or a petroleum-based product such as Vaseline. Do not use any kind of toxic cleaner or harmful insecticides. Do not use anything with an active ingredient such as mothballs or poison ivy.


Next, pre-heat the glue gun by heating it above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. You do not want to burn your dog! Then, take a q-tip and clean the needle between it and the dog's skin.

How To Make A Auto Clickerer Trainer Work For Your Dog


Next, the dog will need a positive treat that is wrapped in a small piece of cheese cloth or gauze. This treat should be placed right at the point on the dog's belly, where the incision will be made. The idea is to distract your dog long enough to allow the clicker to work. Do not use a stick or any other object as it may prove too tempting to your pet. When your dog's attention is diverted, say the word "click" in a firm voice. Praise your dog and give it lots of love and attention while it works on the clicking sound.


When your dog has worked the clicking sound and your hand reaches the end click, remove the rubber bands from its mouth. Then, give it lots of love and attention while it is working on the clicking sound. When the dog stops its job, praise it enthusiastically. Repeat these steps until you have trained your dog to complete the task on command. Then you will know how to make an auto clicker.


Training your dog to perform a task using a clicker is easier than you might imagine. Your dog will learn to respond to the sound of your voice and with repetition will respond well to treats. It takes patience and time to train your dog properly and you will learn how to make an auto clicker before long. There are many ways to effectively train your dog to respond to your commands.


Positive reinforcement is a method of training dogs that promotes positive results more than any other. Positive reinforcement involves rewards of some sort to encourage good behavior. These rewards may be something as simple as a pat on the head or a hug. A lot of times it is the actions that count the most and positive reinforcement encourages positive actions. Positive reinforcement can teach your dog to be gentle on its own, stay away from dangerous situations and teach it how to behave properly in front of people as well.


There are numerous ways on how to make an auto Clickerer for your dog. I personally prefer a combination of treats and positive reinforcement. I would choose a simple clicker (either electrical or a type that makes a musical sound) and then a bag of treats. The treat would get my dog's attention and the clicker would reward my dog for obeying my command. I would use the treats and praise the dog for behaving properly.


If you choose to not purchase treats in addition to a clicker you can use a food that motivates your dog. I would recommend a food that has a high calorie value so my dog won't go hungry during training. I wouldn't use actual food during training as it may cause discomfort for the animal. You can find these types of foods at any pet store. They are also great for treats during training.


As with any type of dog training, positive reinforcement plays a big part. If your dog listens to you then it will be much easier to train. Positive reinforcement works best when your dog acts accordingly rather than randomly. When your dog follows your commands you will soon notice the improvement in his behavior.


The first step on how to make an auto clicker trainer is to find a sound and then attach a treat to it. Once your dog approaches the clicking sound you will give the treat and he will get excited and work toward the sound. To keep him on track, you will have to give him positive reinforcement every time he gets within reach of the clicking sound. Be careful with your dog and don't be afraid to reward him when he behaves appropriately. This will quickly get him trained and make him a good behaved dog.

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