How To Record A Webinar - 5 Golden Tips For Recording A Webinar That Will Make Yours Look Good!

how to record a webinar

If you're using Windows operating system, here's How To Record A Webinar on Windows:


Open Favourite Screen Recording by clicking here. Select from the available video files. In case you've recorded earlier, select from those too. Next, click the Record button. When the screen recording appears, you'll know that the file has been successfully saved into the target location.


Zoom in/out - A common problem among Mac users is that they can't zoom in or out. To zoom in and out, double-click anywhere on the desktop. Or, you can click the View button on the toolbar. Now you can view the zoomed-in image on the right side of the screen. You'll also notice a fade-in effect as the picture gets closer to the original size.

How to Record a Webinar - 5 Golden Tips For Recording a Webinar That Will Make Yours Look Good!


Raster Webinar Screen Recording: On Windows, there's a shortcut for the raster Webinar screen recording button: Ctrl+Alt+Del. This will take you to the Recording shortcut on the menu, which you can access by pressing the keyboard shortcut Enter. Now you can use the Recording button to start recording your webinar. In the Internet Explorer window, right-click on the Webinar icon, then click the Down arrow button.

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Publish/ylanate Social Media Livestore: Before you record your webinar, you must make sure that you have the necessary feed readily available so that your audience can subscribe to your feed and listen to your recording via RSS. One convenient way to get your feed is by setting up Google Alerts. You set up the alert so that each time something is published online (like a blog post) or when something is updated (like a YouTube video), Google will send you an email with a link to your feed. If your blog post is interesting enough, you may even find some people subscribing to your feed!

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Use a Quicktime Player to Play Your Webinar: If your webinar includes a presentation, you can use a Quicktime player to play it. To do this, open the Quicktime player, then click the option marked "Play with Quicktime". In earlier versions of Mac OS X, you had to right-click on the Quicktime player to open it; in newer versions, you just click on the "Open" button.

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Zoom in/out While recording: In previous versions of Mac OS X, clicking the mouse while your webinar was recording would zoom you in on the conference: the current version has a new option called "Zoom In". This button zooming you in on the conference - useful if you want to get more information about a slide or if you want to make sure you are seeing the best parts of a presentation. The zoom feature also works for recordings - use it to come up with a rough estimate of how long the entire webinar is.


Use the "Record" button on Your Webinar Screen: When your webinar is recorded, you can go to the options menu and click the "Record" button. Once you've done so, you'll be able to preview the recording on your Mac computer screen. If you'd rather skip previewing the recording on your Mac, you can click on the "Off" button on the screen - it'll stop recording at that point. If you record a presentation with a screen-capture device, you can also pause at any time without having to re-start the presentation - handy for cases where you have to rush to get a document out on schedule.


Make Use of Webinar Tools: There are many different tools available for making a recording. One of those tools is the Webinar Player. This tool allows participants to connect with their presentations online. It also enables the audience to play the audio as part of the presentation, and it provides the ability to share the recording using social media, email, SMS, or instant message.


Use Remote Desktop Software: As mentioned earlier, if you record using screen capture, there's a good chance that your audience won't be able to see your computer screen (and won't be able to view your screen at all - this can be extremely distracting if your audience is sitting in front of a projector). A better option is to use Remote Desktop software, which allows you to show a slide or capture image of your desktop screen while you're inside of another program. With a remote desktop software screen recorder, the audience can see a presentation on a small monitor in front of them. You can then start recording from any computer on the same network, provided that it has a Web cam port and a microphone.


Use Your Own App: Many companies offer an app that's designed to record webinars. These apps work great for facilitating the creation of streams. You can also use your own app as the main screen captured in the "rollover" mode so that attendees can see your presentation on their iPhone or Android device as it goes live.

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