How To Survive A Zombie Plague

how to survive a zombie apocalypse

How to survive a Zombie Pest attack? Many people wonder this after being bitten by one of these blood-sucking insects during a walk in the woods. In fact many people die each year from Zombies, and many more get sick. It is time to learn some simple survival tips for Zombies if you are to avoid getting diseased or suffering from other deadly diseases.

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The most important thing in how to survive a Zombie Pest attack is to stay alive! This is very important because Zombies only eat living things, and humans are one of them. Once you are dead, so are they!


You should keep your head protected at all times. Zombies have sharp teeth and will try to tear open your skull with their teeth. If you are out in the open, you can use a piece of paper or other material to cover your head. If you are Zombies, it won't be long before the rest of your body starts to deteriorate as well. Cover your head!

How to Survive a Zombie Plague


If you are trying to figure out how to survive a Zombie plague, you should not touch the body of an infected person or pet. Touching the skin or using the hands can transmit infectious diseases from one person to another. Even if the Zombie that was beside you last night was bitten, you can easily get infected by someone who comes in contact with the dead skin and blood of your victim.


Zombies like music. They find rhythms interesting and even frightening. So you should make sure you have some kind of music playing at night when trying to survive a Zombie Pest attack. Even if you do not want to bother with music because you think it may drive the Zombie away, keep at least one running in your house. You never know when the Zombie will come home after you've left the party!


The most important thing to remember if you are wondering how to survive a Zombie plague is to stay away from the infected area if at all possible. Even if you feel safe inside your home, it is best to keep the entire outside of your home locked up. The Zombie Infected will go looking for fresh human flesh to munch on in the dark. If you have secured your own property, you may decide to stay there and try to hold off the Zombie until others can help get the infected under control.


Of course you can never guarantee that your Zombie won't break loose from you and roam the streets. However, if you do lock your doors and walls, you should be able to avoid injury. Zombie tend to try and hide when they become weak. They will often crawl along the walls and attempt to find any holes or gaps to break into. If you keep yourself safe inside your home, you should be able to avoid Zombie outbreaks as much as possible.


If you are wondering how to survive a Zombie outbreak, you may need to arm yourself with some basic first aid skills and supplies. You can purchase basic first aid kits at any store where medicine is sold. These kits include bandages, painkillers, anti-zombicide creams, and so on. In addition, you should look into purchasing basic self-defense tools, like pepper spray. By being prepared, you may be able to avoid Zombie attacks and live another day.

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