Indiana Business Formation Guide - 7 Things You Need To Know Before Filing For Llc

llc indiana

You have probably seen the advertisements about how an LLC in Indiana is almost like being an officer and owner of your own business. But just because you have created an LLC does not mean that you are already an agent for it. Forming an LLC in Indiana is actually much like starting any other business, complete with the responsibilities that come along with it. Read on to find out what you need to do as a non-incorporated business owner to make sure that your LLC in Indiana is established and ready to go.

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First, you will have to register your LLC with the secretary of state. There is a process that must be followed, and an application can be downloaded online at the state filing office's website. You will be asked to pay a filing fee, so you should budget about $125 for this step. Make sure that you understand everything in the document, including the submission fee. Many businesses that get an LLC filed underestimate the additional fees they will have to pay.


Second, after receiving the filing package, you will have to verify company name availability. This is done by visiting the state tax agency's website, and using the search box to enter the company name you want the state fee to verify. If no results are returned, look to see if you can get a free business tax consultation from the site. Once again, the free business tax consultation may not be valid if the state fee is not paid.

Indiana Business Formation Guide - 7 Things You Need to Know Before Filing for LLC


Third, file an article of incorporation or state filing with the secretary of state. If your LLC is incorporated in Indiana, you will need an Article of Incorporation. To do this, you will have to visit the Indiana Corporations website, and use the search engine on the home page to locate your LLC's filed notice. A file size PDF of the complete form is required, and once you have uploaded it, review and make any updates before printing. File the entire form, including any attachments, and send it to the office as soon as possible.

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Fourth, contact the business bureau of your state to determine whether your LLC has filed all of its paperwork. The state business bureau can provide you with verification of filing if you have submitted all the appropriate documents. You will also receive payment for the filing fee from the state business bureau once verification has been received. In some cases, your filing fee may be automatically withdrawn; however, you should file a request to this office to confirm your submission.

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Fifth, contact the Secretary of State. Once you have all the required documentation, the next step is to contact the Secretary of State to determine whether your LLC has filed its annual report. Depending on whether you filed an Article of Organization or state filing, you will receive either a duplicate notice or a new one. In either case, a new business entity report will be filed. The new report must include all of the financial records that are necessary to verify the existence and operation of your LLC. The filing fee for a new business entity report is not refundable and therefore must be paid as soon as the document is issued.

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Sixth, verify company name availability. If you do not have a registered agent service in place, you will not be able to process payments or access information about your LLC. Therefore, you must have a registered agent service before filing your business name application. The registered agent service will provide you with a temporary license number until your application is approved. After the license number has been issued, you will be able to use it to file your documents with the Secretary of State. Otherwise, you will not be able to process payments or access information about your LLC.


Seventh, call the office of the Secretary of State to inquire about online filings. Currently, you cannot file for LLCs in this state using the Internet. However, there are service providers that will assist you in filing your paperwork through the mail. For assistance with online filings, you will need to call the office of the Secretary of State because they can help you find the appropriate forms for your business structure and location.

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