What To Do If You Have A System Thread Exception Not Handled Error In Your Computer Startup

System Thread Exception Not Handled Error is a very common Windows Vista or XP error. It happens when a certain driver is not installed properly. The hardware must be properly matched or the application will just not start at all. If one of the drivers is faulty, then the whole computer system may be inoperable until a new driver is found and installed. A simple way to determine if you have a problem with this error is to restart the computer and again check if the system works properly or not. If your problem still persists, it might mean that the drivers are faulty and need to be replaced.


How to fix the system thread exception not handled error is simple. The first thing that you should do is to download and install the latest drivers for every hardware that is installed in the machine. If the drivers are already outdated, then this could also be the cause of the problem. To make sure, you can check if the latest drivers are already installed on the machine.


Once you have updated the drivers, you can now try to restart the machine and see if the error message still appears. You can then try to repair the drivers if needed. One way of doing this is through the Device Manager. Click on the connection that is listed under your network connection or the printer and wait for the devices to appear. You can then select each of the devices and click on the repair option to see if the problem is fixed.

What to Do If You Have a System Thread Exception Not Handled Error in Your Computer Startup


Another method of fixing this error is to follow steps from step 1 and just reverse them. For example, if the error is about a device named USB driver, you can follow steps from step 2 and select the device and then press on the update driver button. If the device does not appear in the list, then you might need to update the drivers.


If neither of these methods work, then the next step you can take is to use Microsoft's system restore feature. If your computer does not have an operating system that supports it, this might be the reason why you are getting the System Thread Exception Nothandled Error Message. To do this, you should first download and install the Microsoft System Restore software. After installing the system restore software, open your windows setup menu. It is where you will find the restore point and click on it.


Thereafter, you should locate the system thread exception and search for the missing drivers. For each missing driver software that you find, you should uninstall it. This will make the missing drivers accessible so that you can install them one by one. Once you have installed the new ones, you should search automatically for the missing ones. If the System Thread Exception Not Handles Error Message is not responding, then you need to restart the system.


One thing that could be causing the error occurs when the computer has to restart for some reason. For instance, you might have deleted a system file making the system unable to restart. The last resort is to reinstall the operating system so that you are able to restart your computer. The first thing that you should do if you have a System Thread Exception Nothandled Error Message in your computer startup is to search for the causes of the problem.


You might have a virus or spyware that is causing the System Thread Exception Not Handled Error message in your computer startup. The next thing you should do is to clean your computer of such viruses. For this, you should install anti-virus programs that are certified by leading antivirus vendors. Then, you should run a complete system scan with these programs. In order to fix the problem of the System Thread Exception Not Handled Error, you should uninstall the malicious programs from your computer and then re-install them. Re-installing the programs could also help if the problem originated from malware infections in your system.

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