Video Editing Software: Pro Vs Free

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If you are interested in editing video for your website or personal purposes, you will need a Top Video Editing Software. The top software programs in this particular category all have different functions and features, but they also all do a great job when it comes to what you want to accomplish. This article will help you narrow down your choices so that you can find the program that works best for your needs.


Before you get started with the editing process, you may want to consider whether you want to make your own movies or if you are more comfortable with working with existing footage. Adobe After Effects offers a variety of templates that allow you to create and save your work in any format you prefer. Final Cut Pro X is an excellent choice for people who enjoy editing video and would like to be able to edit multiple types of media. Blender is an open source 3D creation suite which supports motion detection, animation, video editing, live wallpaper, and also manipulation of images and graphics.


There are many pros and cons associated with both of these options. While Adobe's After Effects has a higher price tag, the features and capabilities of the software make it ideal for beginners and experts alike. On the flip side, Sony's own Blur cuts down on the learning curve while allowing you to edit in a variety of different file formats. However, there are some downsides to this as well, such as limited color options, slow start up and end up due to slow transfer speeds with some file formats.

Video Editing Software: Pro vs Free


Both Blur and Sony's own Vegas Movie Studio are excellent video editing software programs that offer you everything you need when you are shooting video. They offer motion tracking as well as 4k support for the camera and DVD release. The two programs also have easy to use interfaces that make it easy to get started even for the novice computer user. When you get started with either program, you will find that it works similar to Adobe After Effects or Apple iMovie.


In terms of overall features in the two programs above, Sony's Vegas Movie Studio comes out on top. It also offers the best bit of technical support for all of your editing needs. You can import and save media from most any source, including hard drive, DVD, and digital video tape. You can do complex video adjustments in one-click, something that you cannot do with Adobe's software. Also, the graphics and movie elements in Vegas Movie Studio are customizable, giving you a chance to personalize your final cut. If you have never used one-off design files or clip arts in Final Cut Pro before, then this is the one-off tool for you.


While Sony's Vegas Movie Studio has a few advantages over the other two programs above, it lacks one critical component that the other two programs have. While both have the ability to export and import media, they lack the ability to convert media into different formats. If you want to convert your footage into a different format, such as HD or DVD, you need to either use Adobe's software, or purchase a converter to do it for you. Unfortunately, the free software does not work with some formats, so unless you want to spend hundreds of dollars on upgrading to a more advanced version, you will be left without the ability to edit in those formats. This is something that Adobe has always had a good grasp over, so it is surprising that even their free video editing software fails to include this important capability.


For those of you who are interested in learning how to create professional looking videos, the free video editor beginners guide to VDI is a great place to start. This tutorial series covers all the basics, allowing you to create high quality videos in just a matter of hours. All of the footage captured within the studio environment can be imported into your own computer and edited in the same way, and all your custom footage will be converted to a variety of common formats, including AVI, MP3, and JPEG.


One of the only cons that the pros really have to deal with is the steep learning curve associated with learning VDI. While it does not take long to become comfortable with, the key concepts, such as text and clipboard placement, can be a bit confusing at first. There is also a small but frustrating learning curve associated with using external clips to move footage around within the program. These two factors, however, should not deter most people from trying this powerful editing tool, especially since the pros have been optimizing VDI for years now.

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