What Is A Property Appraiser?

What are a property appraiser and why do we need them? Property appraisals, real estate valuation or real estate appraisals are in the process of formulating an opinion on value for property. In real estate appraisals, property value or real estate value is the amount that a buyer can pay for a property. For instance, to purchase a two hundred thousand dollar home in a desirable location in a desirable city, the buyer would have to give at least two hundred thousand dollars, more likely six figures, in order to make an offer. Since the home is so expensive, the offer will be approved.

what is a property appraiser


Property appraisals are frequently required by the courts when purchasing property or when selling a property. This is because the market value of the home has a direct bearing on the price that a buyer will pay. Many people do not realize that market values are updated weekly and the actual value may have risen or fallen from the previous week. Because this is a very dynamic market, it is essential that property appraisers have the experience and knowledge to determine the correct market value of a property in order to make an offer.


There are three types of appraisers. Market value appraisers are appraisers who are primarily market oriented. These appraisers will examine market conditions, trends and local conditions in order to determine what the property's market value currently is. In contrast, interior inspection appraisers focus on the inside of a building in order to provide a more accurate assessment.

What is a Property Appraiser?


Before any work can begin on your home, you must have your property appraised. If you are interested in learning What Is A Property Appraiser and how they can assist you, there are a few things that you must do. First, when you go to a lender or a realtor, you must provide them with a copy of your tax statements. Your county property tax invoice will have a property appraisal account number on it; the account number is located on the back of the invoice, or it may be listed under Appraisal, Account Number or Valuation Office.


Once you have obtained your tax statements, you must obtain an appraisal of your home. You must select an appraiser who is experienced in the type of home that you are selling. Many individuals choose to hire a marketing/assurance agent who is a professional in the field of sales and marketing to handle all aspects of the transaction. The marketing/assurance agent may not be knowledgeable enough about what is a property appraiser and he/she may try to persuade you to hire an appraiser who is "high priced" in order to achieve a low selling price on your home.


Many times, people choose to hire a real estate broker who is a professional in the field of real estate to handle the entire transaction. Real estate agents receive recommendations from their fellow brokers and usually are hired because their resumes contain a specific number of appraisals that they possess. However, they often do not possess a list of the appraisals that they possess. In some instances, real estate brokers may hire a property appraiser who is not certified by the American Society of Appraisers, (ASA).


When you go through a lending institution to obtain financing for your purchase of a home, you should know what is a property appraiser. Most lending institutions require that you undergo a credit inspection, which consists of what is a property appraiser providing a report to the lending institution. Most lending institutions also require that the real estate appraisers that they are using to make their reports are certified by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). The National Association of Realtors is one of the largest trade associations in the United States and provides training for its members on real estate appraisals.


Appraisers who are certified by the NAR can provide you with a more thorough and in-depth examination of the properties that they have appraised for you. Real estate appraisers who are not certified by the NAR should be avoided as they do not posses the level of experience or skill that will ensure that the report that they produce is free of errors and is of superior quality. It is up to you to determine whether or not the services that you require from your real estate agent or broker are being provided by certified real estate appraisers.

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