What Is Broadcast In Whatsapp? Explained

what is broadcast in whatsapp

What Is Broadcast In Whatsapp refers to the apps that aid the mobile users with the support of mobile technologies like GPRS and Bluetooth technology and help them to make and receive calls on their mobiles through their mobile devices. It is a new way of chatting over the internet using your mobile phone. In today's hectic life styles many people do not have enough time for making long distance calls, or are not even able to do so. Thanks to Internet and new generation phones it has become easier to talk to people around the world and stay in touch.


In the past when someone wanted to send a long distance SMS message they had to rely either on their computer or their mobile device that had the functionality to send the message. But now with the introduction of whatsapp, this problem has been solved. Now you can simply use your mobile device to send a broadcast message and it would be received by anyone across the globe. You don't need to be connected via computer or iPhone to make and receive an SMS or broadcast message on your smartphone.


With the introduction of whatsapp to the mobile messaging market, mobile phones have gained popularity all over the world. The popularity gained by the mobiles has made android and other platforms to develop corresponding apps for their users. This has paved the way for more advanced and feature rich apps on the various android mobile phones.

What is Broadcast In Whatsapp? Explained


There are several advantages of using whatsapp for your android phones instead of regular SMS. The first advantage is that with whatsapp you can manage your personal communication easily. You can add and remove people from your contact list any time you want. This feature makes it easy for the people using mobile phones to keep their contact list up to date. In other words you don't have to manually add or remove names from your list.

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Another advantage is that this messaging platform is a free service. Unlike the text based version which requires an application download. Also this messaging platform is not limited to a specific network or carrier. You can use it on any android device whether it is an iphone windows, blackberry, or ipop. With this facility you don't have to change your phone settings and don't have to worry about the roaming network.

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One thing that makes whatsapp so unique is that it allows you to make your personal broadcast message. Yes, you can customize your broadcast message according to your needs. You can add the names of your friends, contacts, fans, followers or just anyone who you would like to show your latest update to. You can even personalize your broadcast messages with captions if you wish. This makes your mobile web experience much better. It also helps you to send instant messages to a large audience with a few clicks of the mouse.

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The biggest advantage that this app has over other apps is its ability to access your entire mobile web history. You can see all the chat conversations that have been sent and received. You can also see all the pictures and videos that have been downloaded from your smartphone. Now you can share all these with your friends easily. You can also get a feel of what the popular apps on other smartphones are doing by browsing through the different broadcast lists.


To sum it up this app gives you access to your whole contact list as well as your whole phone book. This gives you complete control over your mobile communication. In short this is perfect for those who constantly need to know the status of their businesses, online updates, or want to check the status of their partners. Apart from this, if you are a business owner you can use this service for sending out important announcements. This is just but one example of a very useful application which lets you receive instant messages on your smartphone.

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