What Is Fmwhatsapp? Your Private Mobile Messenger

What Is Fmwhatsapp? It's a new way of connecting to people that use mobile phones, like Facebook. So who uses it and why?

what is fmwhatsapp


It's an amazing new app that enables you to access people on Facebook using their unique information via an Android application. However it has come to light that many sources offering information about which SMS to send to which phone number have very little to do with Fmwhatsapp itself and so the question still lies in vacuity. However, let's jump into some details. Fm whatsapp and is extremely useful to learn, many such guides on the internet will exploit you about Fmwhatsapp Apk, but often suggest you check out this:


That link suggests a hacked off version of the official Fmwhatsapp apk. The truth is there is no such thing as a hack. There is a legitimate company who has purchased the rights from Facebook to put together this amazing app. You'll notice there is no reference to Facebook whatsoever. This is because the makers of this app have spent considerable time and effort making it as unique and as professional as possible.

What Is FMWhatsApp? Your Private Mobile Messenger


Their website says they started work over a year ago on creating an authentic whatsapp platform for android. From the way it works, you could almost certainly see its development through Facebook. And whatsapp does exactly what its name implies, text messages over Bluetooth from your android smartphone to the mobile of whoever you need to speak to. But how does it work?

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To begin with, the application allows you to easily exchange information by scanning incoming and outgoing text messages. You simply need to tap on the 'send / receive' icon on the left hand menu. You'll notice there's an option for both types of exchanges - short and long messages. Long messages will appear as a bigger frame with a rectangular box below. Select it and you can select from one of the many customised styles of conversations (such as voice mail, calendar and address book).

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The difference between this authentic whatsapp app and the fake one you might find online is that the official app doesn't use any MMS capabilities. It sends texts only when someone responds to one. When you tap send, it opens a new chat session in the background where the two of you can now talk in real time. It also integrates with your Google+ account so that you can stay updated with your friends wherever they may be. If you want to see who your Facebook and Twitter account buddies are, this application lets you know.

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The application allows you to manage your Google contacts as if they were your email address book. You can add as many Google accounts as you want and manage them accordingly. It will synchronise your address book so that all your contacts are always up-to-date, even if you change your phone. You can import your existing Google contacts into the fm apk so that you can make new ones or just keep the ones you have from the last few days.


If you're looking for a customisation app which has the same functionality as Whatsapp but can add some extra features, this is it. You can choose from various different themes which are very easy to apply, and it even includes a few cool features such as customise the number of recent emails you've received and display your email tab according to its own sorting criteria. You can change the colour scheme with the different themes available, and you can select various size fonts for the text on the screen. You'll find these features in the Android Market at the Google Play Store. You can also purchase the product from the Amazon Appstore.

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