What Is My Routing Number?

what is my routing number wells fargo

What is My Routing Number (WNR) is one of the most asked questions when it comes to Wells Fargo loans and mortgages. WNR is basically the number associated with a particular account, property, or loan that is being reviewed. If you are going to apply for a mortgage, refinancing, or change the existing loan terms for any property or assets, you should know your WNR. The following is more information on what is my routing number, and how you can find it if you need to.

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Wells Fargo uses different numbers for different purposes. The actual number assigned to an account, home, or car varies from customer to customer. If you are not sure what is my routing number, here are some ways for you to find it. Some of these options may be easier than others for you.


First, you can contact your banking institution. Each bank has their own set of policies and procedures when it comes to investigating and reviewing accounts, and what is my routing number is one of them. You can contact the human resources department or a supervisor to see what they have on record regarding your account. There are some branches that have online access, so you might be able to check your report online as well.

What Is My Routing Number?


Second, you can look in the phone book under "routing numbers." This will give you a basic list of numbers, but it won't include everything that your banking institution may have. You will probably find that there is a fee associated with checking this directory. If you are checking with your branch, you can get a personal verification from a member of their staff. This verification will not give you your entire routing number, but it will tell you who is owning the number that you are looking at. You can also ask them if they can find your routing number for you.

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Third, you can always try the reverse lookup. A reverse lookup will let you plug in your address and it will find other businesses in the area that share your zip code. It is quite expensive to use this method, but it will tell you whether it is available or not. If it isn't, it may not cost you to reach someone that can help you. You can call, write, or visit the store.

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Fourth, if you are still unsure about what is my routing number, you can visit the website of Wells Fargo. This is a good way to find out any misnomers or errors that you have. This will let you know whether or not the routing number that you are given matches what you are seeing in your statement. There is even a calculator that you can plug in, which will tell you the amount that you will owe and how much it will take to pay it off.

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Lastly, if all else fails and you can't figure out what your numbers are, you can always call up your banker. They should be able to tell you who you are dealing with. This should clear things up pretty quick. Once you find out who your banker is, you can move on to finding the loan officer. You can usually find this information on their website.


It is very important that you understand what is my routing number when you are dealing with Wells Fargo loans. This is the number that the bank is most likely using to send your money to the company you are dealing with. If you do not understand it, then you should really call them up and ask for it. They will know what you need to know.

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