What Is The Best Kodi Build For Your Needs?

A great way to get everything up and going with your home media system is to use a free, easy to install, and reliable video and music player like Kodi. The free build will actually install everything you require to run Kodi in one simple click. This includes skins, settings, add-on files, and even the electronic program reference among many others. Since the free build of this software is completely legal and safe to use, there's really no need for any concern. The one thing you will want to be careful about however, is picking the right one for you.

what is the best kodi build


What Is The Best Kodi Build for you? In the past, several different builds have been released by several different companies under their own brand names. While it wasn't bad, it was just like trying to choose between six or seven different brands of soup! Now, Aeon has taken things one step further. They have made several unique, exceptional, high quality, and user friendly Aeon builds.


Their first Aeon build, version 17.6, is considered their "starter build" because of its user-friendly layout and solid technical support. The most notable difference with this build compared to any others is the amazing amount of streaming options that are available. With this Aeon build, users have access to tons of different streaming options, including but not limited to the following:

What Is the Best Kodi Build For Your Needs?


While many people think that the best builds are the most popular, it doesn't always have to be that way. For example, the ezzermac build had the least amount of popularity. So, why did it have such high ratings though? That's because it was one of the best builds on the market when it was released. This Aeon build is also the first building to use a fully customizable GUI.


Another popular build is the Xenon Aeon building. This build came out after the ezzermac build due to a number of reasons. Some of those reasons were because it had many new features not found in the previous builds. Some of those features included; an in-built video library, a built in FTP, and an in-built antivirus program. Xenon was also one of the very first builds to offer a Google search tool, so users can easily search YouTube videos.


One other build worth mentioning is the SuperTV Live TV software. What makes this build so popular? Well, one of the biggest reasons is because it allows users to download various types of add-ons including live television streaming options, remotes, and other programs. Some of the biggest highlights of this build are that it supports high-definition video streaming, has full-featured video editing options, has touch screen functionality, and can connect to a computer via Wi-Fi. This build is also the first android device to be able to browse the web using Wi-Fi.


The last build, the Low-spec, or Vanilla build is probably the most basic of all the builds. It does however come with a number of different addons including; live television streaming options, an address bar, limited memory, a built in VPN, and a stock browser. This build does however have some low-spec video streaming needs so users might want to consider adding extra features.


Now that you know what each of the builds has to offer, it is time to streamline the process by searching and downloading the most fitting build for your gaming and multimedia needs. You can now compare and contrast each of the builds and find out what will best suit your multimedia needs. For the ultimate user experience, there are no other choice but to use the ultimate build. To streamline the process and start enjoying your favorite media apps on your Android device.

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