How To Celebrate The Chinese New Year

when is chinese new year

Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival. It falls on the seventh day of the Chinese lunar calendar. This event marks the return of life into the soil from the long winter. The festival has traditionally been used to observe and celebrate the beginning of spring in China. The celebrations to mark the return of animals and plant life into the soil, as well as the beginning of the planting seasons.


The Chinese New Year is an important national holiday in China. It is one of the most popular holidays across the world, and it is celebrated with great gusto by millions of Chinese. The ceremonies which mark the beginning of the celebrations - the Bagua Fest - are huge celebrations. They are extensive and cover a range of events including the opening of shops, gifts, public reading of poems and verses, and other forms of entertainment.


The first day of Chinese New Year is often known as the Mid-Autumn Festival (MACA). It falls on the first day of the new Chinese calendar, and it celebrates the return of life into the soil. Merchants bring loads of goods for the celebrations, and they also decorate their crops with numerous symbolic images. Farmers decorate their crops with plump, red fruits and they throw multi colored lanterns into the air. On this day, the government provides financial support to help poor families buy new clothes, cookware, iron tools and other items.

How To Celebrate The Chinese New Year


When Is Chinese New Year celebrated? The date for the celebrations varies across different regions of China. In general, however, it falls on the seventh day of the Chinese calendar, which occurs halfway between the start of spring and the middle of summer. This makes it a late event, and so the actual celebrations last for a few weeks, instead of the traditional ten days.


The full moon celebrations mark the beginning of the new Chinese year. In southern China, for example, it is during the full moon that farmers plant new spring flowers, while in Inner Mongolia it is the middle of August that the government announces the beginning of the Chinese New Year. In Taiwan, it falls on the first day of the New Year. The exact times may vary considerably among different parts of the country.


The second day of the new Chinese year is considered to be the Spring Festival. It falls on the first day of the lunar calendar, called the new moon. In northern China, it is usually celebrated in mid-Spring, while in Japan it is celebrated around mid-ichiya. In both cultures, the festival involves a number of important feasts and activities. Chinese people decorate their homes with beautiful flowers and decorative candle designs, they throw enormous springtime parties, and they use lanterns, rich with colors, to celebrate the event.


The third and last day of the new Chinese year, the third ji zhou, is a special day in many Chinese cultures. The word literally means "seventh month." It is the mid-autumnal festival, and it falls around the middle of September. In ancient China it was widely believed that the downfall of the Ming Dynasty was ushered in by the goddess of wealth named Bo Lou.


Now that you know the Chinese New Year goes by in every country, you can decide when is chinese new year for you. If you live in the United States or Canada, you will get your holiday cards around March. If you live in Japan, you'll receive your cards around April. Others may prefer to receive their cards around either the first or second month of February, but whatever you choose to do, Chinese New Year is a fascinating and festive time of the year.

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