Which Mystic Messenger Character Are You?

which mystic messenger character are you

If you have ever played your favorite role-playing games then, without a doubt, you probably know that mystic messenger character are you when you start the game. However, if you haven't, it can be helpful to get a little bit of background information on each one. You can find a complete list of all the known characters here. However, before you start with any characters in the game, you should first know what the game is called first.

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EverQuest is a virtual world filled with many different classes of people all with their own reasons for entering the game. The game is divided into two sections, a higher level called the Endgame and a lower level called the World. The higher level is designed to be a very difficult play-experience, where you will fight and kill a variety of monsters in order to collect the many treasures that are scattered about the different areas of the world. When you reach the high-end of the game, you will be rewarded with items that allow you to level up quickly. However, the world is there for you to do just the same thing, but more so, you will be able to interact with a large variety of other players, who may not be at the high-end of the game.


Each player has a character that they begin with, called the Main character. You will meet other players who also have a Main character as well as the customizable avatars that they use for the sake of playing the game together. As you progress through the game, you will start to be referred to as a Character, such as "FF" (pronounced "fyef") or "GC" (short for general game character). It can be a lot of fun to refer to yourself when you're having a good time, and it helps to give a sense of identification and even pride in your unique character.

Which Mystic Messenger Character Are You?


The classes you can choose for your in-game character are divided up into three basic categories. There are various Classes available, each divided up into two subcategories. The first category is the "Cleric" class, which allows you to cast spells and use items. The second is the "manifester" class, which allows you to use both spells and utilize items.

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The second class, you can choose for your in-game character is called the "Herald". This class specializes in the use of "Auras" and "Afflictions" to damage and affect opponents as well as themselves. Just as you can change the color of your character in the game, you can also alter the colors of the various weapons and armors that you use. Clerics can choose from a wide variety of armor including chain mail, heavy plate, and mail shirts.

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Characters can also have abilities that boost the overall power of their weapon. For example, a character with the "Wizard" type can enhance the damage dealt by one of his weapons by +10%. And this can only be done once per game session. When you fight other characters you will notice that some of them have special "ability" that enhances a specific weapon or armor. For example, a Paladin can have an "Aura" that boosts the defense of his fellow party members.

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A mystic can also possess a pet. Typically, these characters can summon forth "Dogs" that follow them. These adorable little critters act as messengers and spies. However, you only have a limited number of "dogs" to use at one time. You can summon more after you have reached a certain level in the game.


As you play through the game you will find that there are many different challenges. If you're like me, you probably aren't the only person who enjoys playing MMORPGs. In fact, millions of people play MMORPGs. So you know you are in good company if you enjoy the game's challenges. If you want to join in the fun, then I suggest you choose which mystic character is right for you!

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