All About The Year Of The Rat

year of the rat

The Year Of The Rat is probably one of my favourite astrology signs, and that's probably because it conjures up so many memories for me. I can think of so many memories when I have been at the races or have watched the races on television. But this year of the rat, that really is different. This year is the year of change. It's the year of change in my love life, the way I look at love and in my business. And all this change has begun even before I have started to do my reading or watch any races.


The Rat is the original of the twelve-year repetitive cycle of celestial animals that appear in the Chinese horoscope, constituting a major section of the Chinese traditional calendar. The Year of the Rat on standard Chinese astrology is; in bad luck years; the rat has its worst effects on the sign that it represents, the Yin. In good luck years; the rat gives an abundance of good luck animals and people. This is especially true for the second half of the year; the best birth months of this cycle are also good months for the Rat.


The Rat has twelve branches and is connected to the Earthly Branch (Chi) by two streams: the Yellow Stream, which nourish the Dragon and represent creative and artistic instinct; and the White Stream, which give the Rat strength, courage, and originality. When these characteristics are combined in the person of a person born under the Rat, they are often very useful as a team. When the Yang dominates, the Dragon (Yin) dominates, and when there is a Yin (inking) there are usually a battle between the two. So this combination is very productive for career people who want to excel and also those who want to excel individually.

All About The Year Of The Rat


The rat in Chinese astrology is seen as having a long life as it has not reached its full completion. The twelve branches of the Rat give it the power to grow and spread throughout the year. Therefore, they have to complete their tasks in each element they occupy. The Rat has the ability to influence the outcome of the movements of other elements so it is often seen as the finish line.

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The Rat is one of those signs that gives the best birth sign for people born in the Spring. If you look at the Chinese Zodiac, you will see that most people born in the spring are Rat people. This is because the Rat has one of the strongest tails. The Rat also represents the water element, and its cycle has seven earth signs, which include: The Ox, The Crane, The Robin, The Fisherman, The Shepherd, The Crab, and The Salmon.

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The Rat always wants to work hard, so if you are Rat type, you should be hard working. But you should know that the Rat person has great potential to become successful. However, its strong personality can sometimes make it hard to get things done. You have to be careful not to use your personality to get ahead of everyone else in your work place. The Rat person would be very proud of themselves but at the same time, proud of their shortcomings.

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Rat people like China and India are famous for their unique style of cooking. In fact, in India, most of the famous food is based on spices and vegetables. Some of these spices used include cumin and black pepper, which give the Indian curry its unique taste. Chinese people have their own special style of stir-frying, called "kebab", which is very popular in restaurants all over China, especially in Beijing.


Another important characteristic that the Rat possesses is being very lucky. It is believed that if a Rat person has a birthday then they will have many more birthdays. People who Rat around are said to have luck in business, love, family, money, travel, love, marriage, and more. This is because Rat people have such high intuition that they pick up on patterns that others do not. By simply watching and observing, anyone could determine when the time to become a Rat is in order.

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