How To Get Subtitles On Kodi

How To Get Subtitles On Kodi can be done by adding the repository of the movie you want subtitles for. This is a quick and easy way of adding the right subtitles that you want to watch. If your movie is not available in the English language, but you know exactly what language the movie is then here is how to get the subtitles for that language.

how to get subtitles on kodi


how to get subtitles on kodi. Launch Kodi on FireTV and go to settings from the left-hand side menu. Now click on Add-Ons and from the selection menu click on the add-on package. Finally, click on the repository from where you downloaded the movie. It will now show you the repositories available so just from here scroll down to the section for English (GB) subtitles and install the one you want. When the installation is completed, you will see the add-on installed on your home screen.


How to get subtitles on kodi. You need to launch the Video Add-Ons application from your Applications folder. It will open a new window and ask you if you want to import movies from your hard drive or if you want to download subtitles from sites. If you choose to download subtitles from sites, just follow the instructions on the sites.

How To Get Subtitles On Kodi


How to get subtitles on kodi. Once you are through with the Video Add-Ons, launch the System Configuration Utility from the Start Menu. This will open a new window and prompt you to enter the details about your computer. Once done, you need to click OK. The next screen will show the System Configuration Utility.

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How to get subtitles on kodi. You can easily install the SubScriber Service from the Video Add-Ons main page. It is important to select the English (GB) subtitles when you are prompted. It should be noted that this Subscription Service is supported only on Windows and not on Linux or Mac OS X. Once you have successfully installed the Subscription Service, launch the application from the Add-Ons main menu.

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How to get subtitles on kodi. The next step would be to launch the Open Subtitles Provider. The icon looks like an ordinary subtitles bar with four vertical lines going across. It is quite small in size but there is a help link with easy-to-follow instructions at the bottom of the screen. Click on the link and follow the instructions given. Install the Open Subtitles Provider and launch the application.

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How to get subtitles on kodi. If you are using the Open Subtitles Provider then you need to select the Add-Ons tab then activate the repository tab. Now search for your favorite TV shows or movies and find the one you want to add subtitles to. Once you have chosen your movie or TV show, just hit on the plus sign and add the subtitles. When finished, all you need to do is launch the Open Subtitles Provider application.


How to get subtitles on kodi. Select the Add-Ons tab and activate the English (GB) subtitles then click OK. Launch the Open Subtitles Provider application and once completed, select the regular movie subtitles on the left-hand side and then the Portuguese (Portuguese) subtitles on the right-hand side. The tab has options to adjust the size of the text and color for the Portuguese language. Now, select the favorites tab and add your favorites. Launch the application to enjoy the high quality audio quality.


How to get subtitles on kodi. For this example, we are going to use the Open Subtitles Add-Ons software which we downloaded. Launch the Open Subtitles Add-Ons and when finished, you will see a button with the word English (GB) and then select go, select language and then select the Portuguese (Portuguese) subtitles. Launch the default to show the service and choose the Portuguese language from the drop-down list.


How to get subtitles on kodi. Open the default television channel in your computer and launch the channel. On the top menu there is an option called language and then select your preferred language. In the language drop-down list there is an option like de, en, ja, ru, es and other.


Once you have selected your language, just click on the download subtitles button. There is an icon for the English (GB) language on the bottom right corner. Click on it and wait for it to download all the subtitles for your chosen show. Open the new tab or window and you can now enjoy the movie or episode!

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