Choosing A Property Appraiser In Volusia County

volusia county property appraiser

"What can a Volusia County Property Appraiser do?" that is a common question that is asked by most individuals who are interested in learning more about the business of real estate appraisers in Volusia County. The answer to that question is not all that simple, as there are many different aspects and fields of expertise that make up a true property appraiser's specialty. An appraiser must learn about all of those specializations in order to properly assess the value of a home or a commercial building in Volusia County.


There are two major parts to a typical appraisal that typically occurs when a Volusia County real estate appraiser is being called in to estimate the value of a property. The first part is called the homestead value and the second part is called the millage rate. An appraisal will be done on a property based on its current worth as compared to its future value. In other words, if the homestead is worth what it is currently worth then an appraisal will show that the property is worth what it will be worth after a certain amount of time. The homestead and the millage rate are both considered part of the valuation process. It is important to understand these two parts of an appraisal in order to correctly assess the value of a home or a commercial building.


Most appraisers will attempt to match the value of a home to its surrounding areas. This is referred to as "comparison shopping." Comparisons are usually done with neighboring homes within the same neighborhood in order to get an idea of how similar homes fair when it comes to value. This type of comparison shopping may take several visits from appraisers in order to get the best idea of what homes will be valued at. In some cases, Florida real estate appraisers will simply make a visit to the home in question in order to determine what it will be worth based on the information they gather during the visit.

Choosing A Property Appraiser in Volusia County


Typically, no settlement can be offered to a customer based on an appraisal. This is not because of any ethical or legal reason, but rather it is due to the fact that most counties will not allow a tax assessor property appraiser to make any suggestions to the county regarding what the value of a property should be before a tax assessment has been made. Because of this, it will be rare for a person to be able to see details through an appraisal like he or she would if the process was reversed. In other words, a Volusia County appraiser cannot tell a client how much a house is worth based on its curb appeal alone.

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Many Florida real estate values are actually affected by rising sea levels. As sea levels rise, coastal homes and properties are actually more valuable as well because of the potential to gain the resale value as a result of being able to sell a home and enjoy a higher price. However, rising sea levels and increased flooding risk has led to a sharp increase in real estate prices across the state of Florida, so it is easy to see why property values are tied to rising sea levels.

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Many homes and other properties in Volusia County have been recently appraised using one or both of the commonly used metrics in the real estate industry. One such metric used is the millage rate. A millage rate is defined as the ratio of value to cost, which is commonly referred to as replacement cost. Homes and other property values are often evaluated using a millage rate of two or three hundred; however, it is interesting to note that this rate changes significantly from year to year, sometimes as much as fifty percent.

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The second commonly used tool by real estate appraisers is the lien rating. Typically, when a buyer or seller applies for a loan, he or she is required to submit a letter of authorization indicating that they understand that if the loan is defaulted on, the bank will be held liable for any deficiency. This means that any deficiencies noted in the property appraisals must be included in the lender's obligation. Because of this requirement, many appraisers will request additional information from the borrower before issuing an appraisal. In turn, most appraisers will use the lien rate in their calculations of fair market value.


When looking for a qualified and experienced appraiser to do your appraising work in Volusia County, you should do some research online to see details about the current appraisers in the area. If possible, visit the offices of the tax assessor and ask to speak with a person who can give you a brief overview of what kind of services each appraiser provides. From there, you can find out if you have enough information to make a decision about who you will hire to appraise your real estate. Once you've made your choice, you'll be able to get a free appraisal online, so you can get started enjoying the investment and financial future of your home or property.

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