Florida Limited Liability Company Facts And Important Considerations

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Are you wondering what is the difference between a Florida Limited Liability Company and a Florida Limited Liability partnership? A Florida limited liability company is not treated any differently than any other multi-owner LLC. You can form an LLC by filing Florida Llc Articles of Organization at your county clerk's office with the help of an attorney. A single-owner florida llc can only be creating online, by hand, mail or in person.


If you are incorporating as a sole proprietorship, a Florida LLC can be filed online by filling out an online form. Once the form is filed with the clerk of court, your LLC will appear on the docket for examination and will be subject to examination by the courts. The courts will determine if your LLC has all the corporate requirements to be treated as a separate entity from your personal life.


There are several differences between the Florida Limited Liability Company and the other states' lemon law. Most notably, Florida requires an annual report to the state Board of Equalization, which is known as the "rating authority," which gives the business owners a credit score. This credit score is figured by taking the net worth of the LLC as a whole and then subtracting the owner's personal net worth. The Florida statute also requires that the LLC's financial records be available to the public, and they must be filed with the state within 90 days of the filing of the original articles of organization. These statutes are designed to protect the financial interests of individual members of the LLCs, and they prevent the business from being operated by an unincorporated sham.

Florida Limited Liability Company Facts And Important Considerations


Many individuals believe that they can create a Florida Limited Liability Company (LLC) easily and simply, without meeting any requirements. However, there are some things you need to do to make sure that your LLC is set up correctly. First of all, you may want to consult with a qualified attorney, or you may want to contact a qualified accountant, to help you assess the feasibility of setting up a Florida limited liability company. A qualified attorney or accountant can inform you about whether your business structure would meet the requirements of the Florida Franchise Tax. In addition, they can help you obtain the paperwork and also advise you on how to file for an exemption from the state tax.


Forming a business in Florida requires obtaining a Florida business license. The process is pretty simple, and the entire process can be completed online. If you are planning to open an LLC, but do not have a business license, you will still be able to set up a corporation for your business. Forming a corporation takes a few more steps that incorporating an LLC, but the process is still relatively simple.


There are two ways to get a Florida LLC filed. The first is by going through the state department of a financial institution which is known as the state's department of financial services or DFS. This is the fastest way to file a Florida LLC, but at an extra cost as it has to be done through the state.


The other way to get a Florida LLC set up is by going through the process known as formation in which the owners of the LLC are referred to as members. The process is done by the company formation specialist, who will draw up the complete set of documents required by the state for the LLC. Once this is done, it goes to the Florida Department of Financial Services for the formation of the limited liability company. It is at this point where the new company owner must pay for the filing fees.


However, there is certain Florida LLCs that does not need to have the entire liability established right away. In these cases, the LLC owners can use funds already available in their savings and checking account. With that being said, it is always advisable that owners go through the entire process of filing fees as it can become quite costly.

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