Chinese New Year Flower Delivery - Celebrate With Chinese Fresh Flowers This Year

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is about happiness, togetherness, prosperity, and good fortune. The Chinese New Year celebrates the new moon, which occurs between 21st February and 20th March. The lunar New Year celebrations start with the new moon phase, which occurs between 21st February and 12th March. People celebrate this event for about two weeks, and it is one of the biggest events of the Chinese calendar.

chinese new year flowers


Among the various types of Chinese New Year Flowers, the most famous ones are undoubtedly the Chinese Narcissus, or tulips. The flower gets its name from its resemblance to the moon. It symbolizes luck, love, peace, joy, and fertility. Some other beautiful chinese new year flowers include the wolfberry, daisy, lily-of-the-valley, white-crowned phlox, peony, jasmine, Chinese calla lilies, and more.


According to traditional Chinese beliefs, the new year can bestow various blessings, such as increased health, wealth, love, and beauty. Therefore, Chinese New Year celebrations include a lot of fruit and vegetable dishes, such as the "fruit cake" (a panda), "nine-moon cake" (jiaogulan), and other rich and sumptuous meals prepared using lots of fruits and vegetables. The most auspicious flowers used in these festivities are the Chinese lilies and the artificial flowers, such as Chinese calla lilies and hibiscus. To make the entire celebration complete, we need to use good quality Chinese new year flowers, which can transmit various positive energy and can bring luck and abundance to our homes and families.

Chinese New Year Flower Delivery - Celebrate With Chinese Fresh Flowers This Year


Chinese people believe in fortune telling and many will consult their fortune teller for specific requirements before they attain whatever it is they wish for. Therefore, many will usually seek the services of a fortune teller to help them get what it is they need. Using Chinese New Year Flowers to consult with a fortune teller is not only a custom practiced by the Chinese, but also by some other cultures, such as those of India. According to Chinese culture, it is believed that an individual who is able to connect with nature can foresee his future. Therefore, Chinese people will often choose Chinese new year flowers such as the dragon flower and Phoenix flower to consult with nature and its inhabitants. When using Chinese new year flowers to consult with nature, you can either plant these flowers yourself or buy them from a florist.


New Year's Eve is a time when Chinese people typically spend time decorating their homes, making new arrangements, and preparing delicious dishes. Because of this, it is not uncommon for people to sit down and eat dinner together after the celebrations have ended. While traditional Chinese foods are heavy on meats and vegetables, new years foods often times are light and include fruits, vegetables, appetizers, chicken dishes, fish, and rice. If you desire to add something special to your Chinese new year's party, consider decorating your home with interest pins and paper lanterns. When looking for these items, you can either purchase them at a Chinese store or craft store, or even create your own by cutting the shapes and using various paper, cardstock, or felt pieces to cover the ends of bowls or any flat surface.


As part of celebrating Chinese New Year celebrated in January, many Chinese people will find themselves taking a much-needed vacation to a region of China that has historical significance. In fact, there are many places in China that hold significant significance for the Chinese people, especially those that are located along the east coast of China. Many cities in the Chinese language hold a significant significance or story for the native people there. These cultural nuances can greatly enrich the experience when visiting any city in China; in fact, some cities have historic temples and shrines that carry deep meaning for their citizens.


One of the easiest ways to ensure that you bring happiness home with Chinese new year flowers for decorations is to select colors that will brighten the mood and bring good luck and abundance to your home. For instance, Chinese valentines are typically red in color. Red symbolizes love and fertility, while pink symbolizes marriage. Chinese valentines are available in many different shades, which you can make the choice based on the mood that you wish to create. You can make your selection based on the Chinese tradition of picking out the most lucky flowers from gardens in front of the house, as well as based on the color of the flowers that you wish to drape over your home.


Of course, Chinese new year flower delivery does not always have to involve bouquets and gladiolas. You can also order Chinese dragonflies or geisha to help bring you joy this Chinese New Year. Whether you decide to order dragonflies or geisha, you can be sure that these gifts will brighten your home and give you great pleasure for many years to come. They will also remind your loved ones of how special they are to you and your family and will strengthen your bond to your loved ones even after the holidays are over.

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