Chinese New Year Snacks - A Quick Guide To The Best Chinese Food Of The Year

Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival in China. It falls on February 2 in the lunar calendar. The Chinese believe that the universe was created and balanced by the Sun and the Moon, and everything in this world is connected to the cycles of the two celestial bodies. Therefore, Chinese people tend to be very attached to the lunar calendar and really have no respect for days other than the twenty-eight. For this reason, they also celebrate the New Year with great excitement and energy.

chinese new year snacks


The Chinese also celebrate the New Year with much vigor, so prepare for the celebrations by checking out the other interesting articles in this series, especially the 2021 Chinese New Year Calendar. Chinese people always prepare snacks for visiting relatives and friends on this day. They have very enjoyable and sumptuous snacks on this day, which are very different from the dry and boring snacks that you get every year. If you're planning on celebrating the Chinese New Year with a perpetually happy stomach, check out these eight amazing Chinese New Year Snacks to start you off on your year!


Chinese people believe that one of the most important elements to remember on this day is to eat foods that symbolize health and prosperity. This begins with eating foods that symbolize abundance. Chinese people eat fruits to symbolize good health, and glutinous rice is another food that they use to symbolize prosperity. To eat these glutinous rice products that symbolize prosperity, place them under your desk or in your refrigerator so that you can remember to take them every day.

Chinese New Year Snacks - A Quick Guide to the Best Chinese Food of the Year


Chinese people also like to snack on various types of candies. One of the most popular chinese new year snacks that you will see will be the Chinese New Year sweets. Chinese people like to snack on white and yellow sugar candies during the year, and red and orange candies are also popular. These Chinese sweets are usually small, but make for a quick energy boost if you need it.

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Another popular Chinese new year snacks will be the Chinese candied figures. This may seem like an odd choice but candied figures make for some of the friendliest and easiest Chinese New Year gifts that you can give to others. You will find that Chinese people like to snack on candied figures, and they are great gifts that are both sweet and memorable. The best part about giving chocolates or other candied figures as gifts is that they are readily available and inexpensive. There are plenty of specialty shops in your area that sell these types of chocolates that come in all different shapes and sizes. When you buy chocolates as gifts, just remember to choose those that symbolize health and longevity.

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To top off your Chinese New Year snacks, you should top them off with some authentic Chinese lunar New Year themed decor. Some popular themes for Lunar New Year decorations include the Five Animals, the Pearl and the Golden Frog, the Celestial Stems, and the script of the Lunar Calendar. Many people like to incorporate the Chinese writing for the calendar onto their chocolates or other treats because it is easy to write the dates and times of the Chinese New Year. You can also purchase a type of ink that will write the Chinese characters for you, which is a great option if you are trying not to use any traditional Chinese text.

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Finally, for a delicious treat that will be loved by all, consider some of the Chinese new year snacks that are made with baked beans. Baked beans make for a wonderful snack without having to mess with making noodles. Baked beans are a great comfort food when you are feeling down, and they go great as a Chinese New Year snack. To top off your Chinese New Year snack with some baked beans, simply place a few beans in a paper bag and put some water in the bag, add some mint leaves, some sugar, and some cinnamon.


If you want something a bit more extravagant for Chinese New Year snacks, you might consider some of the more unique Chinese food that can be found throughout the world during this time of year. The best way to get around to trying some of these foods is to buy a variety of different chai teas, which are tea mixes that have exotic flavors. These chai teas are available throughout the year, and some of the most popular flavors include cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, cardamom, fennel, cloves, nutmeg, mastico, and nutmeg. If you are looking for a snack that will melt into your belly and leave you full, consider some of the many different Chinese food items that are available throughout the year. You can find soft pretzels, stir-fry, egg rolls, beef stir-fry, corn on the cob, and even grilled chicken. If you are looking for something a little different for Chinese New Year snacks this year, then you will need to look online for some of the more exotic items that are available for your snacking pleasure.

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