How To Change Whatsapp Storage To Sd Card Without Any Hardware Help

how to change whatsapp storage to sd card

If you want to know How To Change Whatsapp Storage To Sd Card, then you need to understand the kind of mobile phone that you have. Basically there are two kinds of mobile phones namely the touch screen and regular smart phones. It is not that the regular smart phones do not have internal storage, but they use a micro SD card for storing data that needs to be accessed through an application. The touch screen mobile phones have no such cards and hence cannot access such media files.


The feature of downloading or transferring media files from your computer to your handset is known as MMS. The feature has been introduced by the manufacturers as they wanted to introduce faster transmission of messages. They have also thought that it would attract people to download more apps. Thus this feature was born. But, in the beginning only the iPhones had this facility and now almost all mobiles including the android phones have this feature.


how to change whatsapp storage to sd card can be done through a simple process that involves one or two steps. First of all, you have to go to the settings of your cell phone. Normally, when you start your cell phone, it will show several icons in a circular layout. You should note down the one which is named as "explorer". Now click on this explorer icon. You will now see a folder called "default storage" which is used by your mobile operating system for storing the internal storage and other related information.

How to Change Whatsapp Storage To SD Card Without Any Hardware Help


Secondly, you have to locate and click on the "sd card data transfer" option. This option is present at the very bottom of the windows explorer interface. Once you click on it, you will see a field wherein you can type the destination folder to move media files from your computer to your SD card. Remember that you should choose the correct folder because if you select the wrong folder, your move media files to SD card will not work properly.


Another important step to how to change whatsapp storage to sd card without rooting is to highlight all files which are stored in your internal memory folder. Right click on any of them and then you will see a folder with an exclamation sign (! ); this is the name of the folder which you have to open. This is where you will need to right click on the folder and then click on "move". A list of all files will be displayed in front of you. Now, you will have to select the files that you want to move to your SD card and highlight them.


Thirdly, you have to click on the "manage files" icon which is present on the desktop of your cell phone. Once you have selected it, you will see a page that has some text and numbers. This is the page which you have to go on and select the files that you want to add to your SD card. After that, you will have to click on "load now" to complete the process.


Finally, you have to connect your android smartphone to your computer using USB cable. You should open "My Computer" window by clicking on "My Computer" icon which is located on the desktop of your cell phone. You can follow "SD card drivers" on this window for further instructions.


When everything has been completed, you will need to plug your smartphone into your computer using the usb cable. Open "My Computer" again to access the newly installed es file explorer which is located on your desktop. You will then have to click "Escape" button to close es file explorer. You can then see that your smartphone has been successfully modified so that you can transfer all your music and media files to your new SD card and that you can also transfer all the files to your new smartphone.

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