How To Get Exodus On Kodi - Video Streaming

If you want to know How To Get Exodus On Kodi successfully, it's not as difficult as some people might think. The first thing you should do is download a good video converter and make sure it can handle the size of your video file. It might be tempting to just grab the first program that you come across but that might not be the best idea.

how to get exodus on kodi


Most people who watch videos online use one of two formats for uploading to their web browser - Windows Media or Real Media. These formats are ok when watching a video, but if you want to transfer a video file to your TV, you need to convert it to a more popular format. At the very least, you should use Windows Media. If you're going to use Real Media for streaming, it won't work very well.


The conversion software you use will need to be able to convert the video file into the proper file format for streaming. Since the video will be played back in its intended format, you'll need to know what kind of format your streaming site will accept. You can usually just run the video converter without any parameters and see what it takes it to convert your file.

How to Get Exodus on Kodi - Video Streaming


Once the video converter has converted your video file, you'll need to download the appropriate video plugin for your OS. For Linux systems, this will usually be gstreamer-x.Y and it's free to download. On Windows, you'll need to get the flash player-flash-player. Installation instructions are usually pretty easy.

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Install the video plugin and configure it (either through the graphical user interface or by clicking the "plug-in configuration utility" icon). This step is pretty self-explanatory. The plug-in configuration utility allows you to customize various aspects of your video player including where it can find information on which video files are used and how it displays them. You can usually also control the quality of the video using the quality option in the plug-in. There's a very helpful feature that lets you pause a video during playback to get a closer look at something else on the screen.

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Next, select the video file you want to stream. In most cases, this will be the video file of the game you're currently playing. Plug-ins can take care of this for you; you'll be able to choose the video destination from a list that will be shown after you've configured the plug-in. Click the "Streaming Play" button to begin streaming the video file. Linux systems have a similar option; it's under the "System Tools" section in the System and Maintenance window. Windows users can just click "Videos".

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Once the video begins to stream, you'll have control over the volume and your screen will get brighter when more video content is being played. If you get bored, you can switch to a different video file. When you want to stop the streaming, just close the browser. The plug-in will automatically shut itself down. You can always go to the "Network settings" to set the same video source you used to start the streaming session. That's all there is to this easy configuration.


The biggest advantage to using plug-ins for your Linux system is that the video output looks exactly like that of the device you're connecting to. This is very nice when watching a movie on a TV, especially if you don't have your hands free. It makes it easier to follow the story as you'll get the synchronized audio with the video. The biggest disadvantage is that you can't use several different video plug-ins if they conflict with each other. A multi-video solution would allow you to open a number of programs at the same time and stream all of them simultaneously, without any loss of quality.

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