How To Reset Jiofi: Step By Step Instructions For Restoring Passwords On Your Smartphones

how to reset jiofi

How To Reset Jiofi password is quite simple. Just follow these steps to set it up. This article was written to help users learn how to reset jiofi password. You can use this tutorial to reset any type of password on your JioFi device.


The first step is to turn the JioFi off. Hold the back cover of your JioFi for about two seconds. Turn the JioFi off. As you would do when powering on your computer, disconnect the power from the modem. In case you are wondering how to reset JioFi password, the first step is to connect your JioFi to a computer with an active internet connection. If you have checked and verified that you are connected to a good internet connection, then skip this step.


After successfully connecting your JioFi to a computer, the next step in how to reset JioFi 4 password is to open your web browser, and log on to a secure wireless network. Typically, such networks do not require any special password. If you know your WPA2 security information (such as your name and your pass phrase), then you can create your own network. Otherwise, you can use the default settings, which are usually fine for most purposes. In any case, you will need to create a new password for the secure network.

How To Reset JIOFI: Step By Step Instructions For Restoring Passwords On Your Smartphones


Once you are logged on, then you need to find your JioFi login page. You can find it in Settings, Application settings, General, tab. On the General tab, click "Login" and type your user name and pass phrase. The "Submit" button is the red square box with a yellow question mark. You will now be asked to enter your user name and pass phrase for the login process.


In case you did not set up your JioFi device properly, or you forgot your login details, the first step in how to reset JioFi password is to login to your computer and reset the default password. On the computer, go to Start, Run and type "regedit" into the field. Enter "regedit" and hit "Enter". A window will appear where you will see all the registry keys related to your JioFi device; you just need to select the "Delete" key.


The next step in how to reset JioFxt password is to connect your smartphone to your computer. In the previous step, you may have to click the Control Panel icon on your desktop. On the Control Panel, go to the Personalization, then Resources. Click "Install Software Programs" and then click "Phone" in the drop down menu. Finally, select "scan now" and click "OK."


The final step in how to reset JioFxt password is to open the Windows Settings on your computer and click "Usability" under the section heading that says "Network settings." Under that heading, you need to click "jabber" in the drop down menu next to "Local Area Connection." This will take you to a new page on your device. On the new page, click "Reyna Passport" and follow the instructions. When you are prompted to enter a pass phrase, enter the one you have previously saved on your smartphone, except if you have changed your pass phrase since your smartphone is configured to use a different one.


How to reset JioFi is done by following all these steps until you have either disabled the feature or reset the password on your smartphone device. Once you have done so, note that it takes a couple of minutes to log on to your device again. That time should not be long enough for someone to try to use the feature in order to breach your security measures. But it's still better than letting someone else access your data on your device unsecured, right?

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