How To Send Long Videos On Iphone With Ipod?

If you are planning to make long video messages to friends on whatsapp, you need to know How To Send Long Videos On Whatsapp. Video messages on a mobile device can be very small and hard to view. To share your videos on this chat application, you need to download the free software iMovie. It can convert video files like AVI, MP3, JPEG and PNG to be viewed using Apple iOS device.

how to send long videos on whatsapp


The third step is to get iMovie. Go to the section in the google Play app. Select the application named Movies. Once you are there, download and install iMovie. When it is installed, go to the main menu and select Settings.


The fourth step is to import all videos that you want to convert into iMovie. Select the import button. Go to the library and find the videos. In the search box, enter the keyword iMovie in the field for the directory where you want to put all converted videos. Click the plus sign to add it to your Google drive.

How To Send Long Videos On iPhone With iPod?


The fifth step is to go to settings and set the compression quality. You can do this by clicking on the option next to the video size. On the setting, you can select the long video size. The sixth step is to click on the convert button.

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Long videos can be sent using a computer. If you are using windows, follow the instructions given below. The first step is to download and install the conversion software. Open the software, select the destination folder and select the folder that you want to transfer the long videos. After that, click the convert button. You will notice that the conversion process is completed.

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How to send long videos over IOS is also possible by using third-party apps. For this, you need to download the free application callediosiphone video conversion. Once you have downloaded the program, install it and then run the program by clicking on the option on the screen named send large files. Choose the file that you want to transfer and then click on the convert option from the main menu.

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Longer videos can be sent using the apple iPhone video converter app. To do this, go to the iTunes store and look for the video converter app. Select it and choose the option that says share on device. Once you click on the option, it will ask you to install the program on your device so that you can use it to convert the long videos.


The most important step on how to send long videos on an IOS device is selecting the appropriate file. Since your iPhone has a large file size, you need to select the small file that you want to convert into an ios video. The large file will take a long time to convert so if you are not interested in spending more time for the conversion, select the small one. Once you have selected the appropriate file, check the conversion to make sure that the video is working. If not, try to update the converter software.


Another important step on how to send long videos on to an IOS device is by using the Google cloud services. You will need to sign up for these services. Once you have done so, log into your Google account and go to your settings. Under settings, go to apps. Look for the section that says play videos on the web and tap on it.


Tap on the options that tell you about the type of file you would like converted. For example, you can change the file name to MP4 if you would like to transfer large files like videos or large images. Once you have selected the option, the converter will begin the conversion process. The Google free cloud service will ask you whether you want the conversion to be carried out on a local or remote network. If you change the setting for remote network, the converter will automatically choose the iPhone server.


After the conversion has been completed, you can go ahead and share the newly created video file via whatsapp or email. If you have already changed the video extension of your files, it is important to save the file extension before you attach it to your message. You will also be asked to enter the target IP address of your server. Once you have done so, copy the link to the clipboard. Now, you can continue with step 3.


After the video file has been copied, you should open the files app and connect the two devices together using the Wifi connection. Once you are done with the initial step of connecting, you should see the two devices sharing the same connection. Select the send button and you are all set to start playing the video files. How to send long videos on iPhone-how to do it step by step.

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