Changing Your Ubee Router Login Details To Avoid Unauthorized Access To Your Computer

ubee router login

Are you familiar with the Ubee Router IP Cameras? If you are not, do some homework before continuing. In this article we will discuss about Ubee Router IP Cameras, their uses, maintenance, locations and additional information. These are very small, light and highly effective IP CCTV cameras that can be used for surveillance purposes. They are very easy to use as they come with user manuals and a CD.


The first step to gain access to any router control panel using your Ubee is being connected via WiFi or wireless ethernet cable to your computer. Power up your router first. Then find the reset / login button on the back of your Ubee.


When you see the logo of your wireless router you should press and hold it for around 10 seconds. It will reset your device and set the default or login name you entered. You may change the name you have entered by clicking on the 'My Computer' icon found on your desktop background. Now log into your account through your wireless router web interface. You will be directed to your web browser at this new login page.

Changing Your Ubee Router Login Details to Avoid unauthorized Access to Your Computer


To logon to your account, you need to provide a valid Ubee Router Login id, password, and port forwarding details. The username is your Ubee account password. You can change your password by following the instructions provided in your user manual. Your ubee wireless router will automatically attempt to connect to an SSID in its network that is found in your auto discovery zone. This is where you will find your auto discovery SSID.

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There are two ways of resetting the username and password. First, you can use the reset button located on the back of your Ubee. Second, you can use the port forwarding feature of your Ubee. To reset the username and password of your Ubee, you first have to enable this feature. This is done by clicking on 'Settings' found in 'Network settings' section.

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Once you have enabled the 'Use Default Authentication' option, you will now be able to login to your ubee using your username and password you have set during the initial setup of your web interface. However, you need to remember your username and password so that you can access your account later. The use of the reset button to reset username and password will not be possible. If you are not able to enter a new username and password after resetting, you may have to contact your wireless provider or technical support. They may be able to reset your auto discovery zone to a different one or change your WEP PIN.

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It is also important for you to check the expiration date of the user's logon code or password. Most routers use Shared secret Master Password Authority. This is the actual security pin in your network that authenticates you as a member of the network. When this security pin is compromised, a hacker will be able to obtain your username and password. Hence, you need to review your ubee's default router IP address device's login details to make sure that they have not expired yet.


You may also reset your Ubee's default username and password to make sure that you are logging into your account properly every time. Remember that your user's default username and password are randomly generated by your computer. You cannot predict how many people will log in to their accounts at any given time. Hence, changing or resetting your ubee router login details will help you avoid unauthorized access to your computer.

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